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N`light AB is a small company that works with small groups to give each individual guest a genuine experience of animals and nature.

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Here we collect pictures of the Aurora Borelais (Northern Lights) and our adventures. In Sami we say guovssahasat (northern lights). According to Sami mythology, the Northern Lights should be respected. The dancing light is associated with the souls of the dead and it brings misfortune if you disturb it.

Best then to just enjoy the sky fire that occurs when the particles collide with atoms and molecules in the Earth’s upper atmosphere . Depending on the substance they collide with, they produce different colors in the aurora.

Reindeer and nature are central to Sami culture. During our tours, our gudie is more than happy to tell you about Sami life.

About N´Light AB

Come and join me in the forests of Jukkasjärvi and experience the silence and crisp cold of our Arctic environment. Meet our reindeer in their natural environment, give them food and maybe a hug. Go on a tour with them, and then enjoy the traditional Sami food in the lavvu by the warm cozy fire.